Workshop at Dalun Youth House

Workshop Itinerary

Start Time: 9 AM

Welcome: Slideshow, music, quotes, raffle

  1. Introduction
    • Names, colleges, years, majors of fellows
    • Program name and synopsis
    • Black is Beautiful (include raffle announcement)
    • Who speakers are, where they are from, why so many males
    • Perspective as student living in U.S. (brief)
  2. Barometer (Approx. 30 mins)
    • From Questionnaire
    • Brief synthesis of answers after each question
  3. Discussion (Approx. 5 mins)
    • About observations and connections to what we learned from trip to JHS
  4. Speakers 1 & 2: Male Teacher (pastor)/ Francis
  5. Video Presentation (Approx 10 mins)
  6. Speakers 3 & 4: McCarthy/ Fawzia
  7. Small Break/Intermission (10 mins)
  8. Q & A Panel (Approx 30 mins)
    • Involving speakers, Al Hassan, and 2 fellows
  9. Closing Barometer (Approx. 10 mins)
  10. Raffle Winners: Active Participators
  11. Closing Remarks/Pictures 
    • Whole team

Questionnaire (For Barometer)

  1. Do you know what skin bleaching is?
  2. Do you think skin bleaching is harmful or beneficial?
  3. Do you think men go for lighter skin women? Yes? No? Explain.
  4. Do you have the desire to skin bleach? Why if so?
  5. Have you ever bought skin bleaching products? If yes, did you feel pressure to do so?
  6. Do you know someone who skin bleaches? Yes? How many?
  7. Why do you think children at a tender age bleach?
  8. Do you think skin bleaching products is accessible to you?
  9. Do you think black is beautiful?

Thinking Together — a Summer Action Research Fellowship in Northern Ghana and Pennsylvania, USA