The Lagim Tehi Tuma / Thinking Together Bi-Co program is growing this year, with 8 US students from Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges joining 4 students from the University for Development Studies in Northern Ghana to make the 2017 Fellowship Team. In addition to the academic, experiential, and reflective internship/study program — rooted in an inquiry about the role of education (formal and informal) in creating, concealing, and challenging systems of power — the program starts with a week of home study and continues with an intensive at Bryn Mawr, then to Ghana for a short historical and cultural introduction at the University of Ghana-Legon before traveling north to the village of Dalun, where in addition to a suite of internships, language learning, and regular dialogues, we will host a University-Community Educational Stakeholders Forum with the University for Development Studies.

Thinking Together — a Summer Action Research Fellowship in Northern Ghana and Pennsylvania, USA