This page is a variety of resources arranged into the categories: Africana and Ghanian Studies, White Supremacy and Resistance, Gender and Sexuality, and Fellow Resources. While this collection of literature is not meant to serve as an all-encompassing pool of information, it does attempt to provide educational resources which promote critical thinking, discussion, and further exploration.

Africana  + Ghanian Studies

Dalun Overview by Yussif Abdul-Hafiz and Alhassan Sumaila

The Peoples of Northern Ghana

Dances of Northern Ghana

Why does Africa Have so Many Languages

Reviewing Studies on Africa #BlackLivesMatter, and Envisioning the Future of African StudiesEmployment, Unemployment, and Underemployment in Africa

Fulani Pastoralists, Indigenous Farmers and the Contest for Land in Northern Ghana

White Supremacy and Resistance

White Supremacy Culture (Jones and Okun, 2001)

Colonization/Decolonized Thinking

The Power of Sankofa: Know History

The Challenge of Decolonization in Africa (Talton)

A Censorious Analysis of Ghana’s Decolonization Process (Michael)

The Land Grabbers of Nacala Corridor (UNAC, 2015)

Of Local Places and Local People: Understanding Migration in Peripheral Capital Outposts (Darkwah et al, 2016)

Problematizing Development

If you Shouldn’t Call it a Third World, What Would you Call it? (Silver, 2015)

Introduction to Encountering Development: The Making and Unmaking of the Third world (Escobar, 1994)

The Case of Contamination (Appiah, 2006)

Tullum A Gendered African Wisdom with Possibilities for Development (Apusigah)

Fractal Thinking (Ferreira da Silva, 2016)

Poethics on the Open Boat (a Response to Fractal Thinking) (Bradley, 2016)

White Savior Complex

The White Savior Industrial Complex (Cole, 2012)

#InstagrammingAfrica: The Narcissism of Global Voluntourism (Kascak and Dasgupta, 2014)

To Hell With Good Intentions (Illich, 1968)

Gender and Sexuality

In Ghana, Gender Equality and Economics Clash (Nsiah-Buadi, 2018)

“No choice but to deny who I am” Violence and Discrimination against LGBT People in Ghana (2018)

Photos that Celebrate Ghana’s LGBT Community (Naughton, 2017)

How Parenting in Ghana Shapes Sexist Stereotypes (Boateng and Ampofo, 2016)

“Are Africa’s ‘Men of God’ Preserving injustices Against Women (Ampofo, 2017)

Changing Representations of Women in Ghanaian Music: Marrying Research and Advocacy (Ampofo and Asiedu, 2012)

Expressions of Masculinity and Femininity in Husband’s Care of Wives with Cancer in Accra (Atobrah and Ampofo, 2016)

Fellow Resources

LGBTQ+ Student Resources

LGBT Students and Study Abroad

West Michigan University LGBTQ+ Students Abroad’s LGBTQ+ Resources

LGBT Student Travel in Africa

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