Mission and Vision

“From the start, Lagim Tehi Tuma has always been about widening, and, sometimes, shattering, the lens from which we view ourselves and others, and much of that work can only be done in continuing dialogue and actions around race, class, power, and community. I have had the privilege to play many roles in this project over the years and what keeps my heart invested is its unwavering commitment and desire to adapt to the needs and wants of all communities involved. To me, Lagim Tehi Tuma is not a summer trip, but an exemplary lifetime project of international community building.”

-Esteniolla Maitre, BMC ’14


Rethinking and co-creating education through community-based partnerships, collaborative study, and cultural exchange recognizing colonial pasts, moving towards just futures.


  1. Questioning power and uncovering hidden or forgotten parts of history

  2. Valuing all participants as knowers, thinkers, and partners

  3. Recognizing multiple forms of knowledge and making space for communal learning

  4. Challenging the idea that classroom-based education is a superior space for learning, or even always necessary

  5. Purposefully soliciting community knowledge, leadership, and engagement

  6. Practicing inclusive group collaboration and facilitation

  7. Enjoying the exchange of cultural practices and perspectives

  8. Becoming conscious of the power of words, language, communication, and discourse

  9. Promoting equitable access to resources of all kinds for sustainable and abundant lives

  10. Fostering positive, respectful, complex, honest, and thriving relationships

Thinking Together — a Summer Action Research Fellowship in Northern Ghana and Pennsylvania, USA