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Mahama, Safianu

Safianu Mahama (@safianu_mahama)

Titagya Schools

Safianu joined Titagya Schools in 2011, in order to pursue his passion for making sure that young children become well educated. He is also the founder and CEO of the first ICT Center in Dalun, a village in Ghana’s Northern region. At Titagya, he helps oversee the construction of new schools, carry out reporting, and ensure a high quality of teaching at existing schools. Prior to Titagya, he was the Assitant Country Director of Savannah Kids and a volunteer radio presenter with Simli Radio. Safianu graduated with Honors in IT from the Naitonal Institute of Information Technology.

Uberu, Alhassan

Alhassan Uberu


Simli radio, a community radio in Dalun

About Alhassan:uberu_alhassan
A senior high school graduate, Uberu would like to take the fellows through the following programs during the summer.
-community development
-girl child education/girl and young woman
Development and politics
Youth in diaspora
Health and other programs.

Sumaila, Alhassan

Alhassan SumailaAlhassan_Sumaila

Lagim Tehi Tuma Local Coordinator, BICO Dalun fellowship

Titagya Schools Communications Officer

About Alhassan:

I attended my primary and junior high education in Dalun, Kumbungu district in the northern region of Ghana. I completed my senior high education in Tamale, at kalpohin senior high school from 2002 – 2005. Volunteer at Titagya schools, helping students fellows from Bryn Mawr/Haverford colleges traveling to Ghana, to learn and share the cultural and educational differences from each other.