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Quote From Fred Wilson


“Things, for me, don’t exist on their own.  Things exist with other things, always. . . . It starts out as a meandering process . . .  I just let this happen.  Everything in this experience has a bearing on what will happen in the end . . . When the end product happens, I am as surprised as anyone.  I want to be illuminated at the end, I want to learn something at the end that I didn’t know before, that I couldn’t have known unless I’ve gone through this process.”



Photo Gallery

Summer 2018

Pre-departure in Bryn Mawr

Prof. Chanelle teaching us about inquiry!

Visit to the beach in Cape Coast

Our 1st day in Accra, also the first time we met Latifa! 


Our Visit to CAPE COAST! This is Elmina Castle

(Last year’s fellows came to visit Michelle! <3) 

Cooking in the kitchen, yum yum!!

Last time we were all together!


Maria visiting Kwame Nkrumah Park  and Rihana cooking lunch  

Summer 2017 and 2018 fellows meeting!